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DBS News

This page holds all the latest DBS related news stories.

DBS Eligibility Tool11th August 2016

The Disclosure and Barring Service have released a new online tool to help simplify the process for assessing the eligibility for a DBS check. The simple tool is available for anyone to use and can be accessed from the DBS website. Only certain roles have eligibility for a criminal record check and this tool will allow you to easily establish the level of check that is allowed for that role.

For more information and to access the tool, please click on the link below.


DBS Changes17th June 2013

Introduction of 'Workforce' for all applications:

DBS have introduced new workforce categories which need to be included on all DBS applications.

  • 'Child Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with children.
  • 'Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with adults.
  • 'Child and Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with both children and adults.
  • 'Other Workforce'. Use this for any position that does not involve working/volunteering with Children or Adults.

The Position Applied For should be selected as normal using the existing job roles. The new Workforce Type will also be included on the printed certificate.

Removal of specified old and minor offences:

From 29 May 2013, the DBS have started removing certain specified old and minor offences from criminal record certificates issued from this date.

The filtering rules, together with the list of offences that will never be filtered, are available from

Registered Body copy:

From Monday 17th June, Registered Body copies of the certificate will no longer be produced. If required following a positive disclosure, a copy must be obtained of the applicant's certificate (with applicant's consent).

New Update Service

From Monday 17th June, DBS are launching a new Update Service. This is not a mandatory requirement, so it is up to the individual if they wish to subscribe to the Update Service for an annual fee of £13 - this is free for volunteers. Once subscribed, their DBS certificate will be kept up-to-date so that the applicant can take this with them from role to role within the same workforce.

If an individual has subscribed to the Update Service, we as an employer will be able to go on-line, with the individual's consent, and carry out a free, instant check to find out if the information released on the DBS certificate is current and up to date.

Subscribing to the Update Service:

Once the applicant receives their certificate, they can then subscribe to the Update Service using their certificate number and issue date. The applicant only has 14 days from the certificate issue date to subscribe.

Subscription to the Update Service is only for new applications applied on or after Monday 17th June.

CRB is changingOctober 2012

On 1 December 2012, CRB is merging with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

As part of the rebranding CRB will introduce the new DBS logo, there will be small changes to the paper application form and certificate.

The service and processes currently provided by the CRB are not changing as a result of the merger. CRB will continue to deliver the same services to customers as normal throughout this transition.

For further information please visit the Home Office website.


CRB introduced new identity (ID) checking guidelinesJuly 2012

CRB have announced changes to the ID checking requirements. We will soon provide all our clients advice on system change due to the enhanced ID requirements.

Click here for more information.

Please note: The new guidelines will run in parallel with the existing ID checking guidelines until 31 August 2012, when the existing guidelines will cease to apply.

CRB Fee increase announcementMarch 2011

As a result of recent Government changes, the cost of an Enhanced CRB check will increase by £8 from 6 April 2011. This is the first time that CRB fees have increased since 2006. All other fees will remain unchanged.

For more details, click

Vetting & Barring Scheme and Criminal Records Regime Review - Recommendations AnnouncedFebruary 2011

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has unveiled a new scaled back employment vetting scheme and fundamental reform of criminal records checks.

1 Re-modelling the Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS)

The Terms of Reference along with the full VBS review report, can be downloaded

2 The review of the criminal records regime

In parallel with the review of the VBS, a separate but aligned review of the broader criminal records regime was undertaken. Led by Mrs Sunita Mason, the Government's Independent Advisor on Criminality Information Management, the first phase of that review has focused on issues concerned with the extent and demands of pre-employment vetting systems and the role of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), in particular, what information it should be disclosing and to whom.

Phase one of this review has also been published and a summary of Mrs Mason's recommendations are set out below:

Summary of Sunita Mason's criminal records regime review recommendations:

  • I recommend that eligibility for criminal records checks is scaled back (recommendation 1).
  • I recommend that criminal records checks should be portable (transferable) between jobs and activities (recommendation 2).
  • I recommend that the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) introduce an online system to allow employers to check if updated information is held on an applicant (recommendation 3).
  • I recommend that a new CRB procedure is developed so that the criminal records certificate is only issued directly to the individual applicant (recommendation 4).
  • I recommend that the Government introduces a filter to remove old and minor conviction information from criminal records checks (recommendation 5).
  • I recommend the introduction of a package of measures to improve the disclosure of police information to employers (recommendation 6).
  • I recommend that the CRB develop an open and transparent representations process and that the disclosure of police information is overseen by an independent expert (recommendation 7).
  • I recommend that where employers knowingly make unlawful criminal records check applications the penalties and sanctions are rigorously enforced (recommendation 8).
  • I recommend that basic level criminal record checks are introduced in England and Wales (recommendation 9).
  • I recommend that comprehensive and easily understood guidance is developed to fully explain the criminal records and employment checking regime (recommendation 10).

The Terms of Reference along with the full criminal records regime report can be downloaded

Vetting and Barring Scheme registration haltedJune 2010

CRA will keep you updated of any future changes.

New CRB form introducedJune 2010

CRB form

As a result of ISA registration being stopped, the CRB has had to consider the impact on its application process and confirmed that they will still launch the new application form from July 2010 as originally planned.

The full details and scope of the proposed remodel are still to be finalised. In the meantime we make it clear that:

  • it is business as usual for CRA and CRB
  • the elements of the VBS put in place in October 2009 continue
  • existing requirements concerning CRB will remain in place and those entitled to such checks can continue to apply for them

To ensure we provide you the same excellent service and help you understand the upcomming changes to the system, please see our key action dates below for processing paper CRB applications.

From 1st July 2010

We advise you to start submit Disclosure applications using the new application form

From 12th July 2010

We will no longer accept applications using the current form, these will be rejected and a new application form needs to be completed

Vetting and Barring Scheme GuidanceMarch 2010

Download our VBS Guidance leaflet

Changes to CRB Service from October 2009October 2009

Vetting and Barring Scheme safeguards introduced


The new scheme was created following the Bichard Inquiry into the Soham murders and will be delivered by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and the CRB. Its tighter regulations are at the heart of the Government’s strategy for increasing protection of vulnerable members of our society.

From 12 October 2009:

  • It is now a criminal offence for individuals barred by the ISA to work or apply to work with children or vulnerable adults in a wide range of posts - including most NHS jobs, Prison Service, education and childcare. Employers also face criminal sanctions for knowingly employing a barred individual across a wider range of work
  • The three former barred lists (POCA, POVA and List 99) are being replaced by two new ISA-barred lists
  • Employers, local authorities, professional regulators and other bodies have a duty to refer to the ISA, information about individuals working with children or vulnerable adults where they consider them to have caused harm or pose a risk of harm.
  • VBS Guidance is now available covering the increased safeguards and the duties to refer introduced from 12 October
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