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Why use Online Disclosures?

The DBS have now introduced a system called “e-Bulk” which allows the Disclosure Application data to be transferred directly to them electronically using secure internet links. The CRA Disclosure system will allow you to send Disclosure applications electronically to the DBS.

Paper Disclosure Applications can be error prone and manually intensive to manage. The DBS E-Bulk Disclosure System eliminates data errors using strong validation and greatly simplifies the Disclosure management process.

Our online system will provide a much faster, smoother application process reducing the overall processing time in getting your staff started.


  • Full Data Validation Form
  • Supports unlimited numbers of applicants
  • Eliminates the possibility of entry errors using strong validation rules
  • Receipt of electronic Disclosure Results through email to your designated contact
  • Online Card Payment, invoicing or Direct Debit facility
  • Option to request ISA Adult First checks
  • Strong data security
  • Fully compliant and seamless DBS e-Bulk Integration
  • Complies with the DBS Code of Practice


  • Approved by DBS
  • Effective, efficient and professional service from start to finish
  • Using our online system you will reduce the overall processing time by a minimum of 10 working days
  • ISA Adult First responses are possible within 24 hours of submitting the application
  • No data errors, no rejected applications
  • Significantly reduces the time and cost involved in administering your Disclosure process
  • Eliminates all postal costs
  • Personalised KPI reporting and invoicing to meet your business requirements
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